Anonymous asked: What does it take to run a blog like this? Where do you find the audios? How do you filter out the screaming? What programs do you use? I want to start a blog like this for another artist that has a much smaller fanbase so I think it'll be a lot of work. I won't be have a lot of people to post audios or videos of live performances.

That’s a lot of questions but I’ll try my best.

I started this blog because I had an huge archive of Taylor Swift live performances and I noticed lots of people were looking for those because they wanted to hear them and I decided that I could share live mp3 that weren’t sold because there is no other way for people to get them. So I started this blog to share the live mp3s I had.

Usually I take the audio from a good quality video source. These are not easy to find, specially for less known artists, but with Taylor you can usually find them, and edit the audio a little bit, I use audacity and Sony software (sony vegas and sound forge).

I know there are some live and acoustic music tumblrs out there for Ed Sheeran, The Band Perry, Miley Cirus and Demi Lovato. I’ve been begging people to make blogs like those for Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes for ages :) If you have a blog like mine for other artist and you wanna be a part of the music blogs section just send me an ask.

I hope this helps!

Hi lovely people that follow this blog :)

I’ve been kind of away lately, but my work has been sucking all my energy and time, so I haven’t been able to update the blog and reply to asks lately, sorry for that.

Also, welcome new followers, it’s really nice to have you here. this blog has just got over 10k followers and as much as I’d like to follow you all, 5k is the limit.m I’ll periodically unfollow abandoned blogs, but other than that it’s impossible to follow new people, sorry for that as well, but it’s tumblr’s fault not mine :/ I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend, I’ve been up all night working but I should get some sleep soon!

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Ok, I’m trying to wait for the full song without hearing the preview, so I wanted to be productive while trying not to go insane


Ok, I’m trying to wait for the full song without hearing the preview, so I wanted to be productive while trying not to go insane


Artwork for X Factor UK (12/10/14):
- Shake It Off


Artwork for X Factor UK (12/10/14):

- Shake It Off

Track Title: Shake It Off

Artist: Taylor Swift

Album: 1989 Era: Television Performances
58 plays


Shake It Off - Taylor Swift - X Factor UK

Download link (click and “save as”)

The polaroid tutorial

Ok, I’ve had a couple of asks about the covers I made and posted here, and I’ve been replying but I think it’s better if I post a tutorial and that way you all know how to do it instead of me having to explain 2432 times and forgetting things.

So to start with, you need a image Manipulation Program. I use GIMP and Photoshop sometimes. For this GIMP is good enough and simpler to use and they have tutorials for the basic stuff.


  1. Get an image you want to use and crop it to make it square.
  2. Use a internet based tool (x) (x) to make it look like a polaroid.
    Eg. image

  3. Add a border using a internet tool thing (x) or crop one from Taylor’s singles and add it on Gimp (check the tutorials)

  4.  Add song title or whatever you want:

  5. If you wish you can add some effects (or not).
    6. Repeat as you wish, the sky is the limit.

EDIT how didn’t anyone notice that all you had to do was stay cover is actually missing a word?:O
The RED Tour: London, 10th February 2014.



01. State of Grace // 02. Holy Ground // 03. Welcome Speech/Intro to Red // 04. Red // 05. You Belong With Me // 06. The Lucky One // 07. 22 // 08. Fearless // 09. Sparks Fly // 10. Next To Me (With Emeli Sande) // 11. I Knew You Were Trouble // 12. All Too Well // 13. Treacherous // 14. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.


I know people asked for it and Natasha posted it, here it is for you pleasure.

Blog Update + Followers

I’ve been getting a ton of messages about the polaroids edit, and people asking how did I do it. Because I have gotten like 10 messages about it by now I think it’s best if I just post a tutorial about it. What do you think?

Secondly, welcome to all the new followers. You might not know but unfortunately I’m unable to follow back most of you because tumblr following limit is 5000 and I reached that a long time ago. BUT periodically I unfollow abandoned blogs and follow new people, so don’t lose hope ;)

Finally I’d love to reach 1989 followers on the 1989 era blog by the time the album is released! Here a little more than 1000 followers away from that, but I believe we can get there, so go follow it ;)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day :)

The Red Tour DVD Fanmade

BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Download Set




- Shake It Off
- Riptide
- Interview

includes all the songs and all the artwork: